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Make A Difference For Syrian Refugees In Jordan

Your support can make a life-changing difference for Syrian refugees in Jordan who urgently require dialysis treatment. Without continued funding, these patients will be left without the critical care they need.

The Syrian conflict has left countless individuals displaced and in desperate need of medical care. Among them are 10 patients in Jordan with end-stage renal disease who depend on regular dialysis sessions to survive. 

Your support is greatly needed to continue funding these life-saving dialysis sessions. Donate today to help save a life. 

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We Need Your Support

"Whoever does not show mercy to our young ones nor honour our elderly is not one of us." 
– Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Our Ask

We're seeking your support to sponsor monthly dialysis sessions for these patients. Each patient requires 13 sessions per month, with each session costing $85 CAD. Your monthly sponsorship will also support, 

  • Essential medication

  • Necessary laboratory tests

  • Radiology imaging

  • Providing a nutritious meal per session 

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a vital yet costly treatment for renal disease that requires frequent sessions in hospitals under close medical supervision. It helps the body remove extra fluid and waste products from the blood when the kidneys are unable to.

Your Impact

Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these individuals, ensuring they receive the vital medical care they need to survive and thrive. By sponsoring a dialysis session, you're providing hope, dignity, and the opportunity for a healthier future.

How To Sponsor Dialysis Sessions

As a donor, you'll have the unique 1-to-1 opportunity to make a direct impact by sponsoring a specific patient's dialysis session. You'll be assigned a patient and receive their profile, allowing you to see the individual whose life you're touching with your generosity.

Donate today to support a Syrian refugee’s life-saving dialysis treatment. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a meaningful difference.

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Maryam’s Journey: From Tragedy to Hope

Maryam's life took an unexpected turn in 2017 when dialysis became a necessity. Only a month after the birth of her daughter, her husband tragically passed away, leaving her to navigate the challenges of single parenthood while grappling with her own deteriorating health.

Amidst her grief, Maryam found herself facing the daunting reality of now needing expensive dialysis treatments.

For a single mother residing in a refugee camp, quality healthcare is often out of reach.

Islamic Relief’s “Dialysis Support for Syrian Refugees” project became her lifeline, ensuring that Maryam could access the three weekly dialysis sessions she needed to live and provide a life for her newborn baby.

Maryam extends her heartfelt gratitude to Islamic Relief and the donors who make projects like this possible. She shared her appreciation for saving her life and her daughter’s with a simple message, "Thank you for your efforts."

Your support is greatly needed to continue saving the lives of Syrian Refugees like Maryam.  Dialysis sessions save lives. Donate today to help save a life. 

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