Syria Shelters

Building Earthquake Resistant Shelters in Syria

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Help Move Families from Tents into Permanent Homes

Almost two million Syrians are living in tents in Northern Syria. These tents are extremely inadequate in providing safe shelter, and leave families suffering from the freezing cold and winter storms, as well as the harsh conditions in the summer.

With thousands more families displaced in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, living conditions have worsened even further.

This Ramadan, will you help us bring hope to Syria and rebuild?

Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to our Syria Shelter project and help provide displaced families with a safe and permanent earthquake-proof apartment.

* Donations are Zakat eligible

Where Will My Donation Go?

Islamic Relief is committed to restoring dignity and rebuilding lives for the people of Syria. Long after the cameras leave, we stay and develop long term projects that aim to uplift communities out of poverty.

Your donation will go directly to supporting the long term housing needs of families who have been displaced or impacted by the earthquakes in Syria. Our goal is to build a home for 350 families, will you join us?

Building Permanent & Earthquake-Resistant Shelters

You can support displaced families who are living in tents and temporary shelters, by providing them permanent and earthquake-proof homes in a prime location that ensures easy access to water, health facilities, and local markets.

In Dana, in the Idlib governorate and Aleppo, multi-storey apartment complexes are being constructed to house 350 families. Each complex includes 8 apartments, and each apartment has a layout of 2 rooms, a kitchen, and bathroom.



50 m2 homes

 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom

How much does it cost to build a family a home?

  • $1,000 can help build a roof
  • $2,500 can build half an apartment
  • $5,000 can build one apartment for a family

Once the home is built, it is handed over completely to the family and they own it. Don’t delay giving your Zakat and transforming their lives for the better.

Your Zakat in Trusted Hands

We follow a scholar-verified Zakat Policy to ensure your Zakat reaches as many poor and needy people as possible to transform their lives!

This ensures that Islamic principles are adhered to every step of the way, from project design and community fundraising discussions to project implementation.

Islamic Relief identifies those well below Nisab, working with the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable. This includes orphan households, single female-headed households, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

You can trust that our Syria Shelters project is Zakat eligible, and is an important part of our most crucial work with communities in Northern Syria affected by disasters, poverty and war.

Donate with confidence knowing that your Zakat is going directly to uplift the most vulnerable families of Syria.


Islamic Relief in Syria

Islamic Relief has had teams stationed for over a decade in Syria. Our staff and volunteers are from the local communities, and we have continuously been on the ground implementing emergency relief and development projects over the years.

Currently one of the largest charities still operating in Syria, Islamic Relief is also active in several neighbouring countries, where many Syrian refugees rely on our assistance. To date, we have reached more than 800,000 people in Syria.

Our current emergency response in the face of the earthquake includes:

  • Psychosocial counselling and recreational therapy for children
  • Repairing damaged shelters, health facilities and schools
  • Ongoing medical support for clinics and hospitals
  • Feeding families through food packs
  • Cash grants and vouchers for families to meet their essential needs

Join us and help us restore dignity and rebuild lives for the people of Syria.