Your Charity Donation Receipts — Frequently Asked Questions

Your Charity Donation Receipts — Frequently Asked Questions

With tax season fast approaching, here are your frequently asked questions in regards to charitable tax receipts. If you don’t find your answer here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our donor relations team by email at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-377-4673.

When will I receive my 2023 charity donation receipt?

Islamic Relief Canada issues consolidated tax receipts at the beginning of every year, so you will receive your tax receipt by March 2024 latest.

Will I receive my charitable tax receipt via email or mail?

Your consolidated tax receipt will be sent to your email address on file unless otherwise requested. Please note that if we do not have your email address, the tax receipt will be mailed out to the address that we have on file.

What should I do if I do not receive my charitable tax receipt by the deadline mentioned above?

If you have not received your tax receipt by March 15, kindly search your junk or spam folder. Try searching “Islamic Relief Finance”, “2023 Official Tax Receipt” or
[email protected] ”.

If you did not receive it or if you are not able to find it, kindly email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-377-4673

Will I receive a separate charitable tax receipt for each donation?

No, you should receive one consolidated receipt which includes all of your donations for the year.

What should I do if the amount on my charitable tax receipt does not match my records?

Our records should reflect all of your donations with Islamic Relief throughout the year. If you believe the amount is incomplete, kindly email us at [email protected] . Please let us know the total on your tax receipt and the total based on your records; once we have this information, we will look into it further to determine if there is a discrepancy.

How can I request a name change to my charitable tax receipt?

For all name change requests, kindly send a detailed email to our Finance department at [email protected] . They will look into your request and let you know if they need further information. 

To request a name change on your tax receipt from your business name to your personal name, please do the following:

  • Kindly email our Finance department at [email protected]

  • Include a letter from the corporation, that has the company letterhead, requesting for the name change

  • Include both the corporation and personal names, addresses, and emails in your letter.

Please note that it can take up to 5 business days for your request to be completed.

Can I use a charitable tax receipt if it is issued under my spouse’s name?

Tax receipts for spouses are interchangeable. You can use the tax receipt with your spouse’s name to file your tax return so you do not need to request a name change.

Do I get a charitable tax receipt if I donate through my company?

If you made a company-matched donation via another party like Benevity or Canada Helps, the tax receipt for your donation will be issued by them and not Islamic Relief Canada.

If you donated directly to Islamic Relief and your company matched your donation, you will only receive a receipt for the amount you donated and not for the extra amount that was matched.

If I made a donation on behalf of more than one person, can the total amount be split so that each individual receives their own tax receipt?

We cannot do this for credit card or cheque donations unless it was previously specified in an email or a note.

How can I request to change my address on my charity donation receipt?

To update your address on file, please email [email protected] with your old address and new address.

Are all donations and purchases tax receiptable?

All donations with Islamic Relief, including monthly and one-time donations, are tax receiptable. 

We do not issue tax receipts for ticket sales or purchased items . Purchased items can include Zamzam water, cupcakes, dates, olive oil, and sweaters.

Will my 2023 charity donation receipt include donations made through MyTenNights?

If you made a donation through MyTenNights, you should have received a tax receipt from KBF FOUNDATION CANADA after Ramadan. 

If you have any questions about your donations through MyTenNights please contact the KBF Foundation at [email protected] .

Will my 2023 charity donation receipt include donations made through Launchgood?

Donations made to Islamic Relief Canada through LaunchGood will be included in your 2023 tax receipt. 

However, please note that LaunchGood changed their data sharing policies mid-year, and therefore, we may not have received your full donation details
If any of your LaunchGood donations are missing from your tax receipt, please email us your LaunchGood donation confirmation, and we will coordinate with LaunchGood to get your required information.

Do Registered Charities get tax receipts?

No, tax receipts are not issued for donations made by other registered charities.

For all other tax receipt inquiries, please email [email protected] or call us at 1-855-377-4673.

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