Employee Matching

Make a Matching Gift with your Employer

Matching gifts programs help your donations reach even farther

This Ramadan you can increase your impact by asking your employer to match your gift. Depending on your corporate policy, an employee’s gift can often be matched dollar-for-dollar, in multiples or by a percentage. Some workplaces even match donations by employee’s spouse or by retired employees.

Corporate matching is an opportunity for you to increase the reach of your support and help more people in vulnerable communities around the world. 

Make a matching gift with your employer.

Step 1

Make your donation to a cause close to your heart.

Step 2

Ask your HR representative about your company’s matching gift policy and if Islamic Relief Canada is eligible.

Step 3

Once you've determined your employer will match your donation, fill out this form with all the information.

Step 4

We'll be on the lookout for your employer's matched donation and will send you a confirmation once it's received!

Important information for your employer:

Islamic Relief Canada's Registered Charity Number is 821896875RR0001Our Head Office address is
Islamic Relief Canada
3501 Mainway
Burlington, ON L7M 1A9

Please note - we are only able to accept matching gifts for the following causes: Zakat, Sadaqa, Feed the Needy, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Got Questions? Call us at 1-855-377-4673 or contact us below:

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