Islamic Relief Canada: Bombing of besieged Gaza resumes as the truce expires; permanent ceasefire is the only solution

December 1st, 2023 — Islamic Relief Canada is extremely concerned by the resumption of bombing in besieged Gaza. Before the truce, a child in Gaza was being killed almost every 10 minutes. It is unconscionable that the international community is now standing by and allowing this bloodshed to continue. We continue to call on the Canadian government to do everything within its power to work toward a permanent ceasefire to protect innocent lives. 

More than 15,000 people have already been killed, and now the lives of thousands more innocent people are at imminent risk. The weather is beginning to get cold, and many are left without roofs over their heads, let alone access to humanitarian aid. The aid that has been allowed into Gaza over the pause has been woefully inadequate to address this humanitarian catastrophe. Now, many civilians are at risk of dying from starvation and disease, as well as the renewed bombing.

An Islamic Relief aid worker shares with us:
“It's been raining since the morning, and like thousands of displaced people, we have no winter clothes, so we are staying inside. Many people have no roofs over their heads. Everyone in my house has the flu… in a crowded house, it is easily transmitted. Diseases are spreading everywhere, and people cannot find medication or health care. People can't find food, fuel… even pavements to walk on. Everything we loved in this place is gone. We have been collectively punished by a brutal force that does not care about humanitarian laws."

We’ve heard reports this morning that Israel is once again ordering people to leave parts of Khan Younis in the south, but there is nowhere safe for people to go. Civilians are being bombed if they stay, and bombed if they move. Ordering the relocation of civilians does not absolve Israel of its obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians who cannot or choose not to leave.   

Islamic Relief Canada yet again underscores our appeal to the Canadian government to demand a permanent ceasefire and an end to Israel’s siege.  

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