Bring spiritual healing to orphan families

With the blessed 10 days of Dhul Hijjah fast approaching, there is no better time to build towards the Akhirah than through good deeds and acts of spiritual healing.

This year, join Islamic Relief to give from what you love and donate towards  funding an Umrah trip  for the orphan families we serve, from Pakistan and Turkiye.

“You will not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

These families may not have the funds nor opportunity to ever be able to perform Umrah but your donation can give the gift of this life-changing experience and share the joy of spiritual healing.

Our first group of rights-holders from Pakistan have been finalized and are in the process of applying for umrah visas. We are excited to share their journey after Hajj 2024. 

Your donation will connect the poor and marginalized of our Ummah to the sacred and beloved House of Allah. Be the means for them to attain the reward of this tremendous act of worship and cleansing of the soul.


How you can give the gift of Umrah

You can help ease the financial burden and expense of the Umrah pilgrimage by donating to our unique Islamic Relief initiative and fully funding the trip for orphans and their families.

  • $25  can provide a travel vaccine for Umrah

  • $150  can provide an Umrah kit to a pilgrim

  • $380  can provide an Umrah visa to a pilgrim

  • $550  can provide travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah

  • $3,000  can cover the cost of one person performing Umrah

As the dua of the oppressed holds immense weight, be the one they make dua for during Umrah.  Donate now  to secure your blessings.

Make this your Sadaqah

By giving a poor, orphan family in Pakistan or Turkiye the funds to afford and purchase an Umrah kit, visa, transportation, and other costs related to performing Umrah, you are helping your fellow Muslim brother and sister fulfill a tremendous act of worship.

Your donation gifts families the opportunity to not only visit the house of Allah (SWT) but pass Islamic knowledge onto their children and make dua for you, spreading the beauty of Islam for years to come and building towards your Akhirah.

* Please note: This Umrah trip is planned for after Hajj 2024 inshaAllah. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that alter plans for this trip, funds collected for this purpose will be directed where most needed to continue supporting orphan families and any critical needs they have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Umrah trip for our first group is scheduled to take place after Hajj 2024, once non-Hajj visa applications are re-opened. The trip timeline is still being determined and is dependent on visa procurements and subsequent travel arrangements. Once the Hajj season concludes, we will begin the process of obtaining visas and anticipate that the trip will occur soon after.

Yes, all Umrah trips will be arranged with a service provider who will lead the cohort, provide logistical support, and offer spiritual guidance!

A scoring system was used to select the right-holders for this trip based on the following criteria:

  • Poor individuals who are dependent on others/charity support to meet their daily life expenses

  • A widow who has no source of income and is dependent upon relatives' support or charity. 

  • Elderly, who are dependent on charity, living alone without any support from family

  • Women-headed households 

  • Households with persons living with disabilities