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The best start in life

Education can be the key to a brighter future, opening many opportunities to develop, grow and escape the brutal cycle of poverty.

Every child deserves the best start in life: a happy home, a safe place to play, access to quality education, medical care and good nutrition.

However, for the 1 in 5 children worldwide living in extreme poverty many of these simple necessities are out of reach. In many countries, healthcare is not free. This means that sadly, in many cases, the high costs involved means that many children do not receive treatment.

Orphan medical care

Islamic Relief supports families and orphaned children affected by war, bereavement, poverty and ill-health. Through our sponsorship program, we help children to look forward a better future.

In some cases, where an orphan requires urgent medical aid, additional funds are needed to cover specific costs. And that’s where you can help provide critical care.

A regular donation of $10 every month provides medical care for an orphan, their siblings or guardian, exactly when it is most needed. This monthly donation ensures that funds are always available when urgent medical care is required.

This enables us to cover the cost of emergency care, travel to hospitals, prescriptions and medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, and eyewear. These funds also help orphans affected by chronic and long-term illnesses such as asthma and diabetes.

Last year, Islamic Relief covered the costs of major surgical operations involving brain surgery, breast cancer, and spinal issues in 16 countries. We also provided medical treatment for significant ailments such as epilepsy and heart disease, as well as kidney dialysis and eyesight correction.

With your help, we can help even more children.

How we’re supporting orphans and children in need

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply providing one-off care to support children and orphans in need. We instead invest in children’s long-term futures, supporting their families, carers and local communities to provide long-lasting safe sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality.

We work as a Muslim orphan charity to provide child-friendly safe spaces, empower communities and develop long-term solutions to poverty and critical issues such as human trafficking, child labour, and child marriage.


We support children across the globe in a variety of ways, including:

  • Sponsoring orphaned children across the globe, providing schooling, regular meals and financial support for carers/families
  • Providing Syrian refugee children with critical education, housing and nutritional support
  • Offering critical food aid to severely malnourished children in conflict-fuelled Yemen
  • Ensuring that children living with disabilities and the trauma of war in Gaza can access critical medical and psychosocial care

By providing nutritional services, health care, water solutions, education and family livelihood support, as well as striving to tackle critical issues including gender-based violence, child labour and climate change with affect local communities and in particular young girls, we’re not only transforming futures; we’re saving lives.

Donate now. Help save lives.

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