In recent years Palestinians faced an escalated amount of the most horrific violence, leaving hundreds dead, thousands injured, and countless homes, schools and hospitals destroyed. In the wake of the crisis, Palestinians are left struggling to rebuild their lives.

Your support for Palestine has enabled Islamic Relief teams on the ground to provide immediate medical assistance and vital aid to all those affected.

Honour Palestine through our initiatives this month of November! Shop our limited edition sweatshirts, gift a bottle of authentic Olive Oil, purchase authentic handmade Palestinian Keffiyeh’s, and support Palestinian farmers in rebuilding their livelihoods by planting an olive tree.

Plant an Olive Tree in Gaza

Sow the seeds of reward, plant a tree in Palestine on behalf of a loved one or yourself as an ongoing charity (Sadaqa Jariyah)!

Olive tree farms are the number one source of income for the people of Palestine and your donation could help provide the means of earning for those in a difficult situation.

Contribute to a good cause and plant an olive tree in Palestine to help the local farmers!

Shop our Limited Edition Collection

Honour Palestine with our limited edition merch and help small-scale farmers create a dignified livelihood to provide for their families.

All proceeds go towards Islamic Relief’s tree planting project in Palestine, through which we empower farmers, plant olive trees to restore burned olive groves and cultivate new olive groves.

Purchase a Palestinian Keffiyeh

This year, we’re working with Hirbawi Factory, the last and only Palestinian Keffiyeh factory in Palestine, to bring you authentic, hand-made Keffiyeh’s.

Proceeds from this campaign will go towards our Palestine Emergency Appeal, and it will also support livelihood opportunities for small-scale Palestinian farmers.

Order Olive Oil to Your Doorstep!

Order a 500mL bottle of locally pressed olive oil straight from Palestine for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!

Islamic Relief Canada is working with Holy Land, a registered company focused on procuring ethically sourced olive oil and dates from Palestine.

The proceeds from Olive Oil sales will go towards our initiative to continue to plant more olive trees in Gaza so that Palestinians may continue to pass on the beautiful tradition of olive harvesting.

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