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What does it mean to Honour Palestine? 

For decades, millions across the Occupied Palestinian territories have faced continuous bombardment, a total siege, blockade, and attacks on their beloved land, heritage, traditions and way of life. 

All for simply existing and resisting colonial and apartheid forces. 

Let us gather as a community to mourn the loss of our Palestinian brothers and sisters while continuing to uplift voices from the ground and stand together for a liberated Palestine. 

Every November, we dedicate our initiatives as well as Giving Tuesday to Honour Palestine, its people and their heritage! It’s never too late to join us, so scroll down to provide group therapy for children in Gaza, gift a bottle of authentic Palestinian Olive Oil to a loved one, and shop our limited edition Palestine apparel.  All proceeds will go to supporting the well-being of children in Gaza.

Provide Therapy for Kids in Gaza

Every year on the last Tuesday of November, people around the world come together to give back to a cause they’re passionate about.  This past Giving Tuesday, we dedicated it to help heal the hearts of children in Gaza experiencing emotional distress and trauma. 

In the face of the most catastrophic destruction and humanitarian crisis to date in the Gaza Strip, 450,000 children have been displaced and left without a home. Nearly 18,000 Palestinian children have been orphaned and no longer have the emotional or financial support to survive, let alone thrive. 

Children deserve dignity and safety. 

JUST $20 can provide group therapy to one child, so they can gain access to the tools, fun activities, and knowledge to heal from their trauma. Psychosocial support lays a strong foundation for a child's mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as their social and cultural connectedness.

Psychosocial support activities include: 

  • Arts and crafts

  • Drama and puppet performances

  • Storytelling

  • Playing games

  • Singing, musical instruments, and dance classes

  • Awareness campaigns and seminars

  • And more! 

Order Olive Oil to Your Doorstep

Order a 500 mL bottle of locally pressed olive oil straight from Holy Land, a registered company in Palestine, for yourself or as a gift for a loved one! All proceeds will go to supporting group therapy for kids in Gaza. 

More than 100,000 Palestinian farmers make a living through olive groves – a symbol of economic and cultural legacy. Harvesting the fruit, pressing the oil, selling and sharing the produce is a ritual of life. 

Shop our Limited Edition Collection

Head to The Relief Collective, Islamic Relief Canada’s charity shop, to browse our limited edition Palestine collection for Honouring Palestine. 

All proceeds will go towards Islamic Relief’s group therapy for kids in Gaza project, through which we provide recreational activities and psychosocial support to children impacted by immense trauma and emotional distress. 

What support is Islamic Relief providing in Gaza?

We have offices with staff and volunteers who have been distributing all emergency food and medical supplies they had previously stockpiled or could additionally procure, every day since the escalations began. 

We are working alongside the Ministry of Health, UN humanitarian organizations, and local partners: Beit Lahia Development Association, Gaza Culture and Development Group, Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development, and Bayader for Environment and Development Association. 

As of December, our team has so far distributed: 

            ⛑️ 2.2 million medical supply items 
            📦 9,784 food packs 
            💵 4,245 food vouchers   
            🥬 Fresh produce to 41,801 households
            🍴699,315 ready-to-eat meals 
             🛏️ 10,843 blankets and mattresses
            💧16,404 people received clean water 
            🧼 29,527 hygiene kits
            🎈27,766 children received psychosocial support

Islamic Relief’s Presence in Palestine   

Islamic Relief has been working in Palestine since 1997. Our work in Gaza is focused on both emergency relief and development support, ensuring sustainable long-term programs that are transformative for the communities involved.

Some of our key projects over the past few years have included: 

  • Distributing emergency food packs and facilitating access to clean drinking water

  • Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for 755 farmer families by planting olive trees and providing essential tools for cultivation and irrigation

  • Empowering orphans and vulnerable children through education and STEM 

  • Enrolling children in recreational therapy and psychosocial services

Following the May 2021 escalations in Gaza, Islamic Relief launched new projects for recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring your donations reach those in most need. These projects included:

  • Health: Rehabilitated and equipped 2 primary health care clinics with equipment, resources, tools and training.

  • Education: Repaired and rehabilitated 3 schools and 3 damaged special education centers.

  • Livelihoods: Supported microbusinesses with cash assistance. 

  • Food: Provided cash assistance to families so they can buy household staples.

  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Rehabilitated wastewater connections in housing units and enhanced access to clean water.

“Even if the Last Day is upon you and you have a seedling in your hand, you should plant it.”

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 

Long after the cameras leave, we are still on the ground, rebuilding communities and helping them recover from tragedy. The future is left in Allah’s (SWT) hands, and we hold faith that you will be able to reap the blessings of your efforts and intentions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

                Giving Tuesday is a global movement that reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity.

                Every year on the last Tuesday of November, people around the world come together to give back to a cause they’re passionate about on #GivingTuesday. 

                This Giving Tuesday, Islamic Relief Canada raised $177,800 to provide 8,894 children in Gaza with group therapy and psychosocial support. Because of your generosity, we surpassed our initial goals of raising $100,000 to support 5,000 children, reaching even more children in need. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 

                Psychosocial support is a continuum of care and support that addresses a person's emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs. It aims to strengthen resilience and support recovery from trauma and hardship. 

                Psychosocial support can give people a sense of belonging and control of their lives by providing activities, tools, and knowledge to better cope in times of disaster. It can also help children create or strengthen bonds with their family, friends and community.

                • Arts and crafts

                • Drama and puppet performances

                • Storytelling 

                • Playing games

                • Singing, musical instruments, and dance classes

                • Awareness campaigns and seminars

                • And more! 

                Does Islamic Relief have prior experience providing psychosocial support?

                Yes. Islamic Relief has incorporated psychosocial support into most of our emergency responses this past year, alongside regularly prioritizing it as part of our long-term development projects. 

                We are currently working with local partners in Gaza, and have provided psychosocial support to over 27,766 children to date  as of December 6, 2023. 

                All donations will reach Palestine inshaAllah. Islamic Relief is committed to allocating all collected donations at every opportunity we can to fund both immediate emergency aid and long-term recovery in Gaza. We maintain strict policies and processes to ensure that aid is used for its intended humanitarian purpose.

                Donations made to our Group Therapy for Kids in Gaza fund are directly going towards: 

                1. Our Palestine Emergency Appeal to support current psychosocial activities in Gaza as part of our emergency relief efforts. 

                2. Future psychosocial, recovery and long-term development projects for children in Gaza.