PRESS RELEASE: Islamic Relief Canada provides immediate and long-term support to Canadian evacuees from Gaza

Toronto, ON: November 15th, 2023 – Islamic Relief Canada is collaborating with Canadian partners to offer financial assistance, immediate arrival and long-term resettlement support to Palestinian-Canadians who are in the process of evacuating Gaza.

Amid the catastrophic humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, Global Affairs Canada has been working to evacuate Canadians. Once evacuees arrive in Egypt, they have 72 hours to leave the country. Many of these evacuees are fleeing with only the clothes on their backs. In the face of this reality, Islamic Relief Canada is making every effort to ensure the safe and dignified return of Canadian evacuees.

Over the past number of days, Islamic Relief Canada has provided support to Palestinian Canadian families arriving at airports across the country. Immediate support includes booking and paying for flights, meeting families at the airport, providing accommodations, and offering food, medical assistance. We are also facilitating long-term resettlement support.

Islamic Relief Canada CEO Usama Khan shares, “The emotional weight of this exodus is profound. Those who escape are forced to leave behind loved ones, possibly facing life-threatening situations, with no guarantee that this farewell won't be their last. The physical needs are equally immense. We have seen Canadians land at the airport, requiring critical medical assistance, in some cases being transported immediately to hospital emergency rooms for life-saving medical interventions. At home and abroad, Canada must support innocent civilians who are affected by this crisis.”

While Islamic Relief Canada welcomes the government's support with the evacuation efforts, it is imperative that these rescue operations run parallel to a call for an immediate ceasefire. This call goes beyond safeguarding Canadian citizens; it extends to the innocent Palestinian civilians who are grappling with life-threatening dehydration, starvation, and adequate healthcare.

Canadian individuals and organizations that would like to offer short or long-term support for these evacuation and resettlements efforts are encouraged to do so via:

If you are in need of financial assistance to return to Canada for Gaza, or to coordinate interviews with Islamic Relief Canada, please contact [email protected] or Miranda Gallo at [email protected] or 514-431-4810.

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