Qurbani in Gaza and Sudan 2024

Your Qurbani in Trusted Hands

Islamic Relief is continuing to run our Qurbani program in Gaza and Sudan this year. However, due to the ongoing war and political instability in these countries, the Qurbani process will be slightly different this year to ensure the safe and smooth implementation of our Qurbani program. 

Your Qurbani is in trusted hands at Islamic Relief. Our field office staff in both Gaza and Sudan are familiar with local issues and challenges, enabling them to effectively implement mitigation measures if any issues arise. With our 30+ years of experience, our entire process from start to finish is regulated to the highest Islamic, ethical and humanitarian standards.

Alhumdulilah, Qurbani 2024 is safely underway. We look forward to having you follow your donations to see how they truly give the gift of hope to so many in need. 

Gaza Qurbani 2024 🐄

How is Islamic Relief implementing Qurbani for Gaza?

Due to the ongoing war in Gaza, Islamic Relief will not be procuring Qurbani animals within Gaza. Instead, Qurbani animals will be procured and sacrificed in Egypt, then immediately frozen and transported to Gaza in refrigerated trucks. At the borders, special priority is being given to trucks carrying fresh meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. 

We expect the meat to reach Gaza and be distributed within 4-8 days after slaughter and are prepared for multiple contingencies to ensure smooth operations.

Alhamdulilah, we have an experienced team from our Islamic Relief Gaza staff who are already in Egypt, coordinating the Qurbani program.

What measures are being taken to ensure safe crossing across the border?

We are working on all available routes, including: 

  • Rafah crossing

  • Kerem Shalom in the South

  • Erez/Beit Hanoun in the North

Despite daily challenges and changes, we are committed to ensuring smooth operations during and after Eid. To enhance security, we have implemented thorough risk assessments, established communication with stakeholders, and devised contingency plans to address unexpected issues promptly.

Why isn’t Islamic Relief using live animals in Gaza for Qurbani?

While some organizations have secured some live animals locally in Gaza and intend to perform Qurbani there, the reality is that there are a very limited number of sheep available, and their health may also not be suitable for Qurbani. 

Our Qurbani process prioritizes sourcing high-quality animals from local farms and traders to ensure rights-holders are receiving good quality meat and donors are getting the best value for their money.

Due to inadequate animal welfare facilities in Gaza, we cannot guarantee the quality of the animal, whether it’s free from blindness and chronic sickness or disease or from any apparent ailment. In accordance with Qurbani rules for the standards of animals allowed for sacrifice, we have prioritized sourcing high-quality livestock from Egypt instead.

What will happen if the trucks are denied?

All of our trucks heading to the border of Egypt and Gaza will have received prior entry permits. However, if the trucks are denied entry for any reason and distribution of meat is no longer feasible within Gaza, then our distribution will instead be directed to vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank or displaced Palestinians in Egypt.

Where are distributions in Gaza intended to take place?

The distributions will take place in the areas where Islamic Relief Palestine and partners are currently operational, including North Gaza, the Middle Area, part of Khan Younis, and Rafah. However, if the current situation changes, our coverage area may also be subject to change.

Which partners is Islamic Relief working with locally?

We are grateful for the support of our trusted partners on the ground in Gaza. Here is a list of partners Islamic Relief is currently working with within Gaza: 

  • Gaza Culture & Development Group

  • Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development

  • Bayader for Environment and Development

  • Beit Lahya Development Association

Sudan Qurbani 2024 🐄

How is Islamic Relief implementing Qurbani for Sudan?

Our team in Sudan has a long-standing presence in the region and was able to distribute food packs across the country this past Ramadan. Alhumdulilah, we are grateful to share that preparations are currently underway for Qurbani 2024!  

Islamic Relief Sudan will slaughter bulls and distribute fresh meat to vulnerable communities within Sudan. In preparation for Eid al-Adha, our team in Sudan are conducting community consultations, selecting right-holders, and coordinating with local authorities to ensure a smooth distribution process. 

What measures are being taken to ensure distributions are safe, given the ongoing violence?

Our Qurbani program in Sudan will be carried out in states located outside of high-risk areas, specifically Blue Nile, Gedaref, and North Kordofan. We have successfully implemented several Ramadan activities in these states this year, and we will follow a similar model for our Qurbani program. To ensure continued safety, a comprehensive risk management plan is in effect, subject to weekly review and updates. 

Islamic Relief Sudan has a long-standing presence in these regions, with strong acceptance among communities, government bodies, and other stakeholders. Our field office staff are familiar with local issues and challenges, enabling them to effectively implement mitigation measures if any issues arise.

Where are distributions in Sudan intended to take place?

Distributions in Sudan will be taking place in regions within: 

  • The Blue Nile

  • Gedaref

  • North Kordofan States