Feel the Relief

See the Impact of Your Donations This Ramadan

Your generosity this Ramadan was their relief ✨ Thank you for supporting orphans, delivering urgent food, sustaining livelihoods, and saving lives throughout the month!

Every donation, Sadaqa or Zakat payment you made this Ramadan continues to fill someone’s heart with ease and happiness.

Because of You, They Feel Relief!


📦 Ramadan Food Packs & Zakat al-Fitr

Together with your support and the support of our global Islamic Relief family, we distributed an estimated 300,992 food packs in impoverished communities, reaching nearly 1.65 million people in need, to make it a Ramadan without hunger.

Food packs were distributed in over 30 countries, including:

📍Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen

Through this effort, we also distributed your Zakat al-Fitr, Fidya, and Kaffara payments in the form of food supplies to the poorest of the poor, in over 12 countries.

Depending on each region, each food pack holds around 57 kgs or 125 pounds of food on average and is designed to provide the essentials to a family of 5-7 people.


🎁 Eid Gifts for Vulnerable Children 

Your kindness gifted smiles to orphans and vulnerable children on Eid day through new clothes, toys, school supplies and shoes. These gifts full of joy were distributed with the support of our global Islamic Relief family across 18 countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Turkey & Yemen!

Thank you for helping us spread the joy of Eid to over 17,558 orphans and children, letting them know that someone is thinking about them.

Your Zakat in Action


🇦🇫 In Afghanistan, your Zakat reduces poverty for female-headed households by providing income-generation tools, equipment, and business capital, in addition to kits and protective equipment to keep them safe.

🇱🇧 In Lebanon, your Zakat works in drought-affected districts to provide nutritious supplementary food supplies to nourish families facing hunger and malnutrition.

🇵🇰 In Pakistan, your Zakat protects and supports women by installing water purification solutions, ensuring safer access to clean water.

🇵🇸 In Palestine, your Zakat delivers multi-purpose cash grants to families struggling to make ends meet, ensuring they are able to purchase life-saving essentials.

🇸🇴 In Somalia, your Zakat provides essential medical supplies for those who need it the most, in addition to providing women with income-generating start-up capital so they can create dignified livelihoods.

Follow Your $1 Donation

Follow Your Donation

At Islamic Relief, we believe in transparency. We maintain one of the lowest admin costs whilst adhering to the highest standards when implementing our work.

For every $1 you donate, about 15 cents is incurred as overhead, split into a 4 cents administrative operating cost and 11 cents fundraising costs. That means 85 cents of every dollar is invested in programs delivering relief and development! Alhamdulillah, this is well above the standard recommended!

Did you know? For every 1 cent we spend on fundraising, we raise an additional 10 cents. That’s an extra 90 cents on top of your $1. Your donation is almost DOUBLED.

Follow Your Donation

Did you know you can follow where your donations go?

Click to watch our video series called Follow Your Donation and read through our reports to see the impact of your donations, the people you’ve helped, and all the incredible stories that happen along the way.