Feel the Relief

A Ramadan of Justice. Liberation. Hope

See the Impact of Your Donations This Ramadan

This Ramadan, we stood together for justice and persisted in amplifying the voices of our communities. Thank you for supporting orphans, delivering urgent food, sustaining livelihoods, and saving lives throughout the month! 

Your generosity this Ramadan was their relief ✨ 

You gave to Palestine with open hands and open hearts, showing our brothers and sisters in Gaza there are millions around the world thinking of them. We are one ummah, and together, we are all Gaza. 

Every donation, Sadaqa or Zakat payment you made continues to fill someone’s heart with ease and happiness.

Because of You, They Feel Relief!

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🇵🇸 Your Impact in Palestine

Islamic Relief has been on the ground, operating in Palestine since 1997. Working alongside the Ministry of Health, UN humanitarian organizations, and local partners, our staff and volunteers have been distributing aid throughout Khan Younis, Deir Al Balah, Zawayda, and Rafah every day since the escalations began.

Distributions to Date

            ⛑️ 2.2 million medical supply items 
            🍴11 million ready-to-eat meals
            📦 14,520 food packs 
            💵 4,245 food vouchers   
            🥬 Fresh produce to 192,752 households
             🛏️ 32,757 blankets and mattresses
            💧1.4 million people received clean water 
            🧼54,788 hygiene kits + items to 254 shelters
            🎈75,133 children received psychosocial support
            🩺Health services to 2,950 individuals

📦 Ramadan Food Packs

Together with your support, we distributed 160,508 food packs and vouchers in impoverished communities, reaching over 1.14 million people in need, to make it a Ramadan without hunger.

Food packs and vouchers were distributed in over 30 countries, including:

📍Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Turkiye, and Yemen

Depending on each region, each food pack holds 62 kg of food and is designed to provide the essentials to a family of 5-7 people for an entire month.

🎁 Eid Gifts for Vulnerable Children 

Your kindness gifted smiles to orphans and vulnerable children on Eid day through new clothes, toys, school supplies, and shoes. These gifts full of joy were distributed across 18 countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Turkiye, and Yemen!

Thank you for helping us spread the joy of Eid to over 63,000 orphans and children, letting them know that someone is thinking about them.

Your Zakat in Action

🇧🇩In Bangladesh, your Zakat improves access to clean water, sustains livelihoods, and reduces the vulnerability of communities in Sunamganj and Jamalpur to disease through water pumps, tube wells, and hygiene awareness classes. 

🇮🇩In Indonesia, your Zakat is providing sustainable livelihood assistance. Through cash grants, mentorship opportunities, and business inputs, families from disaster-stricken Central Sulawesi are rebuilding their lives. 

🇮🇶In Iraq, your Zakat is enhancing access to safe drinking water through water trucking and the maintenance of water distribution networks across 3 camps for displaced people in Erbil. 

🇯🇴In Jordan, your Zakat secures essential education supplies and job support training for Syrian refugee students to fuel their economic futures. 

🇽🇰In Kosovo, your Zakat sustains livelihoods, increases food security, and encourages income-generating activities to help families develop new skills and become self-sufficient.

🇱🇧In Lebanon, your Zakat works in poverty-stricken districts in Bekaa to provide nutritious food packages or food vouchers to nourish families facing hunger and malnutrition.

🇳🇪In Niger, your Zakat is uplifting vulnerable households in Niamey through food security and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, social inclusion and protection, and livelihood support!

🇵🇰In Pakistan, your Zakat is rehabilitating water infrastructure, constructing better-equipped and disability-friendly sanitation facilities, and conducting hygiene awareness sessions to uplift flood-affected communities in Balochistan and Sindh. 

🇵🇸In Palestine, your Zakat is delivering life-saving relief and essentials to the people of Gaza. This includes daily ready-to-eat meals, of which 11 million meals have been distributed so far, as well as hygiene kits, food packs, bedding, and psychosocial support for children.

🇸🇴In Somalia, your Zakat provides rights-holders with unconditional cash transfers, shelter items, hygiene kits, and jerry cans for water collection. Your support has the power to strengthen community-level resilience and transform lives! 

Follow Your $1 Donation

For every 1 cent that we spend on fundraising, we raise an additional 7 cents. That’s an extra 70 cents on top of your $1.

Your donation is almost doubled!

For every $1 we spend:

0.83 goes directly into helping people in need

0.13 to raise more funds

0.04 towards administrative costs

Yes, our admin is just 4 cents!

Islamic Relief believes in transparency and accountability. Information on admin costs and annual financial statements are readily available here. Our financial statements are independently verified and audited. 2023 audited financial statements are scheduled to be completed in June 2024.

Follow Your Donation

Did you know you can follow where your donations go?

Click to watch our video series called Follow Your Donation and read through our reports to see the impact of your donations, the people you’ve helped, and all the incredible stories that happen along the way.