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Access to Aid: Urgent Action Needed to Secure a Permanent Ceasefire & Humanitarian Corridor in Gaza

Islamic Relief Canada welcomes the news that there will be a pause in the relentless bombardment of Gaza and the safe release of civilian hostages and detained children. 

But a temporary pause will not be enough to end the bloodshed and address the humanitarian catastrophe. A pause will have little worth if the killing resumes in a few days. The international community must use this brief window of opportunity to work towards a permanent ceasefire and an end to the siege.  

Since October 7, 1.7 million people have been displaced and only nine of Gaza’s 33 hospitals operational. Israel’s intense bombing and siege has left Gaza in ruins, with almost half of all homes now damaged or destroyed, as well as hundreds of schools and health facilities.

We are extremely worried that bombing seems to be intensifying even further ahead of the truce coming into effect, with more civilian casualties this morning.

Our leaders must act NOW! Send an email to your local representative, detailing the need for a permanent ceasefire and the upholding of international humanitarian law. Our government must not turn its back on vulnerable civilians.

Provide Therapy for Kids in Gaza this Giving Tuesday

In the face of the most catastrophic destruction and humanitarian crisis to date in Gaza, children are paying the heaviest price. 

Nearly half of Gaza’s population are children, with over 450,000 currently left without a home. 18,000 Palestinian children have been orphaned and no longer have the emotional or financial support to survive, let alone thrive. 

For the children in Gaza experiencing emotional distress, just $20 can provide group therapy for one child so they can gain access to the tools, fun activities, and knowledge to heal from their trauma. Psychosocial support lays a strong foundation for a child's mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as their social and cultural connectedness. 

Send Urgent Relief to Gaza 

The people of Palestine are fleeing for their lives as they experience continuing airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, and dangerous escalations of violence. These attacks have injured over 27,400 people and killed 14,128 Palestinians, further displacing 1.7 million people.

After suffering decades of violence and human rights violations, Palestinian people  continue to feel unsafe in their own country. Lack of fuel, clean water and limited food supplies has forced the healthcare system into a state of total collapse, and caused significant levels of dehydration and starvation among children as essential supplies slowly run out across the Gaza Strip. 

Islamic Relief is committed to responding and working with local partners to provide emergency medical assistance to nearby hospitals and urgent food support to displaced families and clean water to entire communities.  

Help us provide urgent relief and continue saving lives today.

As a member of the Humanitarian Coalition, all donations made through Islamic Relief Canada to the Palestine Emergency Appeal from October 7 - November 12 will be matched up to $10 million. Our joint fundraising appeal brought together 12 of Canada's leading international aid agencies in unity for the same cause, amplifying our impact on the ground.

Choose an amount to give
*Zakat Eligible
can provide a family with life-saving food

How is Islamic Relief delivering aid across Gaza?

Islamic Relief has been on the ground, operating in Palestine since 1997. We have offices with staff and volunteers who have been distributing all emergency food and medical supplies they had previously stockpiled or could additionally procure, every day since the escalations began. 

We are working alongside the Ministry of Health, UN humanitarian organizations, and local partners: Beit Lahia Development Association, Gaza Culture and Development Group, Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development, and Bayader for Environment and Development Association. 

As of November 21, our team has so far distributed: 

            ⛑️ 2.2 million medical supply items 
            📦 9,773 food packs 
            💵 4,245 food vouchers 
            🥬 Fresh produce to 19,103 households
            🍴 372,623 ready-to-eat meals 
             🛏️ 9,574 blankets and mattresses
            💧16,404 people received clean water 
            🧼 26,804 hygiene kits
            🎈21,181 children received psychosocial support

However, all humanitarian agencies in Gaza are running low on essential supplies. We need your support to be able to continue sustaining distributions on a mass scale the moment new aid is allowed in. 

How Your Zakat Can Help Gaza

Your Zakat can help deliver life-saving essentials to communities affected by the ongoing violence across Palestine. 

At Islamic Relief Canada, we follow a scholar-verified Zakat Policy to ensure your Zakat reaches as many poor and needy people as possible to transform their lives.

  • $65 can provide living essentials

  • $150 can provide a family with life saving food

  • $250 can provide urgent medical aid  

We are focused first on areas that are accessible and where our teams can obtain and deliver aid, working with local partners to reach as many people as possible. 

Every dollar you give means we can reach more civilian children, women and the elderly who continue to face hunger, poverty, trauma and loss. 

Choose an amount to give
*Zakat Eligible
can provide a family with life-saving food

                                          Sponsor an Orphan from Gaza

                                          In the face of the most catastrophic destruction and humanitarian crisis to date in Gaza, children are paying the heaviest price. 

                                          By  sponsoring an orphan for $90/month, you can help save and transform the lives of vulnerable children in Gaza currently deprived of their basic rights and protection, facing constant trauma, loss and violence. 

                                          Your support can provide much needed clean water, healthcare, psychosocial support, education, and shelter.

                                          Sponsor an orphan struggling to survive in Gaza and truly change their life for the better. 

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                                          The situation in Palestine

                                          The people of Palestine are no stranger to devastation. Ongoing violence and restrictions have severely impacted access to food, water, and healthcare in Palestine, leaving over 1.7 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

                                          For people across Palestine, life is incredibly challenging:

                                          • 80% of the population are dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive (European Union, 2023)

                                          • 65% of Palestinians in Gaza live below the poverty line (UN, 2022)

                                          • 9 out of 10 children in Gaza suffer from some form of conflict-related trauma (Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, 2021)

                                          • One third of the Palestinian population suffer from food insecurity, of which 90% live in Gaza (WFP, 2022) 

                                          Donate to Gaza and help save Palestine now.

                                          Choose an amount to give
                                          *Zakat Eligible
                                          can provide a family with life-saving food

                                          How your donations are making a difference to the people of Palestine

                                          Islamic Relief has been working in Palestine since 1997, reaching 530,000 individuals to date. Our work in Gaza is focused on both emergency relief and development support, ensuring sustainable long-term programs that are transformative for the communities involved.

                                          Some of our key projects over the past few years have included:

                                          • Distributing emergency food packs and facilitating access to clean drinking water

                                          • Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for 755 farmer families by planting olive trees and providing essential tools for cultivation and irrigation

                                          • Empowering orphans and vulnerable children through education and STEM 

                                          • Enrolling children in recreational therapy and psychosocial services

                                          Following the May 2021 escalations in Gaza, Islamic Relief launched new projects for recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring your donations reached those in most need. These projects included:

                                          • Health: Rehabilitated and equipped 2 primary health care clinics with equipment, resources, tools and training.

                                          • Education: Repaired and rehabilitated 3 schools, and 3 special education centers that were damaged.

                                          • Livelihoods: Supported microbusinesses with cash assistance. 

                                          • Food: Provided cash assistance to families so they can buy household staples.

                                          • Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Rehabilitated wastewater connections in housing units and enhanced access to clean water.

                                          Your support for Gaza is helping our teams to deliver vital medical, food, water, and psychosocial support to Palestinians in need.

                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                          As of November 21 2023,  

                                          • 14,128 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, this includes 5,600 children, 3,550 women, 192 medical staff, 108 UNRWA staff, and 46 journalists 

                                          • 80% of Gaza’s population has been forcibly displaced, with 900,000 of them taking cover in UNRWA designated emergency shelters

                                          • About 30,000 tonnes of explosives has been used by Israel in the bombing, an average of 82 tonnes per square kilometer

                                          • All hospitals in northern Gaza are effectively out of service

                                          • According to UNICEF, more than 420 children are being killed or injured in the Gaza Strip every day since October 7, 2023

                                          • WFP has conveyed ​​the near absence of food and water supplies is leading to catastrophic conditions in Gaza, 

                                          • Airstrikes have hit Jabalia refugee camp, al-Nuseirat refugee camp, Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Nasser Medical Complex, Al-Shifa Hospital buildings, the Al-Nasser and Al-Rantisi hospitals, 67 UNRWA shelters, 10 bakeries, 246 schools, and 60% of Gaza’s housing units

                                          All donations will reach Palestine. Islamic Relief is committed to allocating all collected donations at every opportunity we can, to fund both immediate emergency aid and long-term recovery in Gaza. We maintain strict policies and processes in place to ensure that aid is used for its intended humanitarian purpose.

                                          Islamic Relief has been on the ground, operating in Palestine since 1997. We have offices with staff and volunteers who regularly stockpile emergency supplies as part of our Disaster Preparedness Plan to be able to immediately respond in the event of an emergency. Our team and partners are currently distributing these limited supplies while they await approval for the entry of more aid into Gaza. 

                                          • Medical aid: Hospitals are completely overwhelmed with casualties and need urgent support. 

                                          • Water: The water shortage has reached a crisis point as clean water runs out and people face dehydration.

                                          • Food: Food supplies will soon run out – affecting the poorest and vulnerable people most of all. 

                                          • Fuel: Fuel is urgently needed to keep generators going for vital healthcare and water/sanitation systems.

                                          What’s happening with the Rafah border crossing, and getting aid into Gaza?

                                          Ever since October 21, 1,320 trucks carrying humanitarian aid (not specific to Islamic Relief) have entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing. 

                                          The entry of fuel, which is desperately needed to operate life-saving equipment in hospitals, remains banned by the Israeli authorities. It’s vital that aid gets in – but 100 trucks of aid per day is nowhere near enough. Whereas even before this escalation around 10,000 trucks of aid entered Gaza every month, and now the needs have massively increased.

                                          Islamic Relief has strict policies and processes in place to ensure that aid is used for its intended humanitarian purpose. We conduct in-depth investigations to ensure optimal quality of work, appropriate policies and processes to manage funds and safeguard people in communities, and ensure that partners share our core humanitarian values. 

                                          This oversight, monitoring and quality control is conducted by an Islamic Relief team that is on the ground in Gaza. Our work in Gaza – as elsewhere around the world – has also been regularly audited by leading global auditors to ensure that funds are going to the most vulnerable people in need. 

                                          In 2022, Islamic Relief Canada launched an advocacy campaign, demanding the government remove barriers limiting Canadian organizations from getting life-saving aid to Afghanistan. 

                                          We were overwhelmed by the community's support and so pleased when the government amended the Criminal Code — enabling Canadian organizations to provide critical humanitarian support in Afghanistan!

                                          We believe in the power of advocacy and the change our collective voices can make. 

                                          And good news! Your emails and relentless advocacy are working: Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Joly have pledged their support for a “humanitarian pause” and “truce to prevail in Gaza.” This is a step in the right direction towards calling for a full permanent ceasefire, and it is the direct impact of all of YOU demanding action from your elected officials.

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