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The Inspire Volunteer Abroad Program is a unique and incredible opportunity for Canadian volunteers to gain practical hands-on education in humanitarian development both in the field and here at home. 

Over the past six years, we've guided 26 cohorts to nine different countries, allowing them to learn from the experiences of our teams and rights-holders on the ground. This program emphasizes empowering volunteers to serve communities both locally and internationally by educating them about the diverse challenges the communities we work with encounter and thus training them to become change-makers who can positively impact the lives of the right-holders they are directly engaging with, as well as locally in their communities.

The volunteers get the opportunity to participate in fundraising and awareness campaigns for the communities they visit.


How does the Inspire Program work?

Each field visit spans 9 to 10 days, but the entire program lasts 9 to 12 months, extending from the application stage and training to the completion of a passion project post-field visit.

Volunteers will work with orphans, refugee children, and vulnerable communities. The activities implemented depend on the context of the respective needs of each community, aside from engaging with community projects, such as building refurbishment and distributing aid. Most Inspire programming focuses on providing psychosocial programming to orphan and refugee children.

Get inspired and be a Changemaker!

Our volunteer initiatives provide a meaningful platform for participants to learn, engage with local communities and contribute to sustainable development projects.

By joining the Inspire Program, volunteers become part of a global community striving for a brighter future in these regions. They gain a deep understanding of the nation's history, culture, and the resilience of its people, enriching their experience and fostering a more interconnected world.

About Inspire

The Inspire Volunteer Abroad Program is looking for participants who have the following criteria:

  1. Please ensure that you will be 18 years old before the date of the trip for which you are applying

  2. Able to attend orientation sessions and necessary training

  3. Sincere interest and passion for helping others

  4. Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work as part of a team

  5. Intercultural awareness and excellent intercultural communication skills

  6. Able to work with youth and children

  7. Formal or non-formal education or training relevant to the program

  8. Flexible and adaptable in new, potentially stressful environments

Please note that this is a volunteering trip, therefore:

  1. Anticipate extended hours and regular physical activity during the trip, with most days ending late at night. Expect a reduction in your usual sleeping hours due to the demanding schedule of the program.

  2. You are expected to commit to respecting and adhering to the daily schedule throughout your involvement, including respecting the lights-out time.

  3. You should be comfortable interacting with children aged 6 to 16 and be capable of managing potentially demanding situations. The majority of programming will take place in a summer camp format.

  4. While the majority of volunteers are young adults between 18 and 26, individuals of all ages above 18 who are confident in their adaptability and believe they can significantly contribute to the program are warmly welcomed and strongly encouraged to apply!

1.  Applications open

For each volunteer abroad program, our process begins with a detailed questionnaire to get to know you. Make sure to give it some thought, and let us truly know what inspires you!

2.  Interviews with our Team

The Inspire team would love to take everyone on the volunteer abroad program, but unfortunately, due to limited slots, we cannot. Therefore, the applications will be screened, and applicants will be shortlisted and invited for a short interview. We will get to know each other during the interview and see if it's a good fit!

3.  Background check

Each accepted volunteer will be required to provide a background check, specifically a vulnerable sector check.

4.  Selection

Once selected, volunteers will have to pay a registration fee of CAD 475, sign the volunteer agreement and code of conduct, and submit the required documents. After that, we’re ready to onboard and get all the volunteers ready to embark on this journey!

5.  Pre-trip Departure Sessions

There will be a combination of mandatory virtual and online training sessions. There will be about 3 - 4 sessions, with an average duration of 2 hours each. The training will cover:

  • Fundraising

  • Team Building

  • Country Profile

  • Islamic Relief History

  • Field Safety and Security

  • Activity Planning

  • Humanitarian Standards

  • Passion Project

The schedule will be released upon being accepted into the program.

6.  Fundraising

Each volunteer needs to fundraise the required amount for the humanitarian cause addressed in the country they visit. We will provide training and resources to help through the entire process. 

*All donations will be allocated towards the Inspire program components and contribute to ongoing, long-term projects in the region. None of the donations will go towards the personal costs of the volunteers.

7.  Flights

Each participant is responsible for buying their roundtrip ticket, mandatory travel, and health insurance. 

8.  Field Study

The volunteer abroad component will be 9 -10 days in total. Each country will provide a unique experience and opportunity to interact with our projects and rights-holders. Amongst the many planned activities, some include organizing camps for orphans, rehabilitating schools and homes, distributing food and hygiene kits, facilitating workshops, etc. 

The Inspire Program will cover the costs of volunteers’ accommodation, in-land transportation, food, and scheduled sightseeing activities.

9.  Passion Project

Following the field visit, each volunteer is required to engage in a personal passion project of their choosing. In addition to individual initiatives, volunteers are encouraged to conceptualize and implement community impact projects. The Inspire team is readily available to provide assistance and support throughout your endeavors!

Psychosocial programming is crucial for orphans and vulnerable children as it provides a structured framework for emotional support and mental well-being, helping them navigate the challenges of loss, trauma, and instability. By addressing psychological and social needs, such programming fosters resilience, emotional growth, and a sense of belonging, essential for their overall development and integration into society.

This programming is integrated within the orphan sponsorship program in the countries where the Inspire program is held.

Please check each country's information page for more information on the type of programming to expect.

2024 Inspire Trips


April 24 - May 3 (Trip 1)
October 14 - October 23 (Trip 2)



July 19 - 28



August 1 - 10 (Trip 1)
August 14 - 23 (Trip 2)



September 1 - 10



September 16 - 25 (Trip 1)
September 30 - October 9 (Trip 2)


South Africa

November 11 - 20


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