Charity events

Get involved in a city near you

Dhul Hijjah Activities

Surrey, BC

June 15
124th St. and 72nd Ave

Victoria, BC

June 15
Kings Rd. Near Quadra Village CC

Ottawa, ON

June 15
3750 N Bowesville Rd, Ottawa

Regional Events

Windsor, ON

Mondays (adults) and Saturdays (Kids)
5420 Empress St. Windsor ON

Young Speakers Forum (Online Course)

June 27 - August 21
Via Zoom

London, ON

June 22
951 Pond Mills Rd

Montreal, QC

June 23
1585 rue Dudemaine, Montreal QC

Edmonton, AB

August 11
1-23210, Township Rd. 564 Gibbons

Calgary, AB

August 16
4122 E Harmony Trl

Cambridge and Guelph, ON

June 23: 1550 Dunbar Rd. Cambridge
June 30: 326 Water St. Guelph