Arms Embargo

What is Happening in Gaza?

The unceasing flow of weapons to Israel is exacerbating an existing humanitarian crisis, leading to further destruction in Gaza. With 2.2 million people in Gaza already facing dire conditions due to the total blockade and mass destruction of the region in recent months, the continuation of arms transfer only fuels the violence and suffering even more. The internationally-funded humanitarian aid response has been paralyzed due to the intensity of the hostilities, and experts now consider Israel’s current military campaign in Gaza among the deadliest and most destructive in recent history. 

The persistent strikes have rendered almost all Gazan medical facilities non-operational, killing an unprecedented number of journalists and UN aid workers in the process. Reoccurring communication blackouts, damaged roads, restrictions on essential and commercial supplies, and a restricted bureaucratic process to send aid into Gaza all contribute to the inadequate humanitarian response, leaving UN experts to warn of the “increasing genocidal incitement” of Israel’s operation within Gaza. 

Campaign Updates

February 7, 2024

As a humanitarian organization, we are horrified by Israel’s ongoing escalating violence and use of explosive weapons and munitions throughout Gaza. 

While we continue to advocate for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and meet with members of parliament – we are gravely concerned by the ongoing flow of arms and military goods from Canada to Israel. This is taking place through weapons transfers, arms export permits, and parts transferred to the United States destined for Israel. 

Israel’s current military campaign in Gaza is now considered to be amongst the deadliest and most destructive in recent history, according to experts. The Israel Defense Force continues firing explosive weapons and munitions in densely populated areas all throughout Gaza, leading to more than 27,500 deaths and dire humanitarian consequences for the people of Gaza, who have nowhere safe to go. 

There is a high risk of arms and military goods from Canada being used to commit violations of international law, making Canada complicit in the genocide in the making in Gaza. 

Add your voice now and urge Canada to halt the transfer of weapons as well as immediately suspend all arms export permits to Israel. 

Canada has a legal responsibility and must use everything within its means –including the halt of arms export permits– to ensure a ceasefire, respect for international humanitarian and human rights law, and unimpeded humanitarian access.

Take action now, send an email to your political representative.