Challenge: South Africa | Hike Challenge

Date and Time: November 19, 2023 – November 26, 2023

Registration Fee: $800

Fundraising Target: $3,000


Join Islamic Relief Canada on a life changing multi-day adventure across the breathtaking trails and peaks of South Africa, and conduct project visits to see how our teams on the ground operate, all while supporting vulnerable communities in South Africa!  

“And We have spread out the earth, and have set upon it firm mountains, and have caused it to bring out plants of all beauteous kinds. All these are to serve as eye openers and as a lesson to every being who is prone to turn (to the Truth)”
Quran 50:7-8

Reach New Limits

Unleash your spirit of adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of South Africa. Join Islamic Relief Canada on a geographical expedition spanning various locations, where you will witness the awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable country and learn first-hand how Islamic Relief carries out projects internationally.  

You’ll have a chance to meet our Islamic Relief South Africa team, visit communities that you can support, while exploring the beautiful country!  

Conquer the astonishing trails and peaks of South Africa and discover a mental, emotional and physical strength within you that you could never have imagined. Traverse unique peaks and trails with stunning views alongside a group of like-minded people and discover friendships that last a lifetime. Let your mind and soul feel peace and reflection as you observe breathtaking views of the city of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula below.  

Islamic Relief Canada Challenges are more than just an adventurous trip. These challenges are about discovering yourself, strengthening your faith and your humanity under the open sky – away from worldly distractions. They are about forging a better you, and a better world.

Support a cause important to you

Islamic Relief Canada has developed a project in South Africa that will empower the youth and women by providing access to education, training in financial and entrepreneurial skills and mentorship programmes. Furthermore, the program will provide agri-business training to households headed by female orphans, to ensure they can sustain independent earning, all while promoting sustainable living and cohesion between the people of South Africa and their land. 

Should you wish to fundraise for a different cause, you can support Islamic Relief Canada’s Water for Life projects. The Water for Life project is committed to providing clean and safe water to communities in need around the world. Your fundraising would help to drill wells, build water tanks, and install water pumps in communities that lack access to safe and reliable water sources. Clean water is a fundamental human right, and your support can make a significant impact in the lives of those who need it most.

To work towards a better world for everyone, all participants will receive an email with a link to their personal crowdfunding page. Your goal is to raise $3,000 for this invaluable cause!

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on your journey through South Africa or through your fundraising journey. Our team will get in touch with you within 5 business days after signing up and provide you with tips and tools on how to kick-start your crowdfunding journey!  

Through the South Africa Challenge, you will visit existing and previous Islamic Relief projects in South Africa and learn about how Islamic Relief Canada works to support communities across the world.   

Limited Spots Available!  

Secure your spot by completing the $800 deposit payment.


What will Islamic Relief Canada cover?

  • Transportation within South Africa, including to/from airport in South Africa
  • 3 meals/day for duration of trip, except select meals on arrival and departure day
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Costs of all activities and tours not included in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees for sites/parks not included in the itinerary

What will you have to cover?

  • Transportation to/from South Africa (Flight + Baggage expenses)
  • Selected meals on arrival/departure dates
  • Snacks outside of meals 
  • Souvenir/Gift Shopping
  • Personal Expenses
  • Medical Expenses (travel insurance is required)
  • Swimming Equipment
  • Hiking Equipment (boots, poles)
  • All other expenses outside of Islamic Relief Canada’s South Africa Challenge (extra tours, stays, transportation, meals)


Sunday, November 19 2023

  1. Arrival in South Africa at Cape Town Airport
  2. Transportation from the Airport to the hotel in Greenpoint
  3. Short tour of the city bowl, visiting Camps Bay, Bo-Kaap, and the V&A Waterfront.

Monday, November 20 2023

  • Three peaks challenge hike in Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town alongside professional and experienced guides.
    • Devil’s Peak, with hiking trails ranging from easy to strenuous!
      • Duration: 4 hours
      • Distance: 7 km
      • Elevation: 640m
      • Difficulty: moderate
    • Platteklip Gorge hiking trail, will lead you up a nature boasting 700-meter ascent over 3 km!
      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Distance: 3 km
      • Elevation: 700m
      • Difficulty: moderate
    • Lion’s Head, with hiking chains and ladders offering breathtaking views of the city!
      • Duration: 2 hours
      • Distance: 5.5 km
      • Elevation: 350m
      • Difficulty: moderate

Tuesday, November 21 2023

  • A guided kayaking adventure starting at the V&A Waterfront!
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Distance: 3-5 km
    • Difficulty: easy
  • A cold water swim in the famous Camps Bay Tidal Pools guided by a professional coach and triathlete!
    • Duration: 30 min
    • Distance: variable
    • Difficulty: moderate

Wednesday, November 22 2023

  • A biking expedition starting and ending in Greenpoint using 11-speed road bikes that will be sure to get you racing!
    • Duration: 3-4 hours
    • Distance: 80km
    • Difficulty: moderate

Thursday, November 23 2023

  • An exhilarating sandboarding adventure at Atlantis Dunes up the West Coast of South Africa which will have you ready to kick up some dust!
    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Distance: variable
    • Difficulty: graduated increase from easy to extreme
  • A breathtaking sunset experienced at Table Mountain

Friday, November 24 2023

  • An educational tour of Robben Island led by former political prisoners teaching the islands rich history and struggle against apartheid

Saturday, November 25 2023

A full-day Cape Peninsula tour with astonishing views and lots of opportunity to get your steps in!

  • Cape Point,  where you will observe diverse wildlife and explore historic landmarks!
  • Cape Town Ostrich Farm,  which is an amazing outdoor experience allowing you to get up close and personal with the amazing animal!
  • Simons Town and Boulders Beach , a must sea coastal town with a rich naval history and a gorgeous beach home to an incredible penguin colony!

Chapman’s Peak, a 9-km scenic road along the Atlantic Coast or Cape Peninsula considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful drives, making you never want to go home!

Day 8

Sunday, November 26 2023

Before this amazing tour comes to an end, you will get the opportunity to visit Islamic Relief Projects and observe firsthand how your efforts help make a difference

Drop off at Airport and Departure from South Africa (accommodating for each participants flight schedule)*Please note that all activities are pre-planned, but may be subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

*Please note that all activities are pre-planned, but may be subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

More Information

Sign Up Eligibility

  • Age: 18 years or older  
  • Physically fit (able to participate in physically inclined challenges)
  • No serious medical/health conditions that could affect your well-being (ie. physical injuries, heart condition, pregnancy) *Please consult with your doctor prior to signing up
  • All participants must raise 100% of fundraising goal ($3,000) prior to November 19, 2023

Refund Policy

  • Refund requests for deposit payments will be accepted until September 15, 2023
  • After September 15, 2023, deposit payments are non-refundable