Canadians are on the ground in Pakistan, supporting relief efforts for the deadly Pakistan floods

16 septembre, 2022
Burlington, ON - Unprecedented heavy monsoons — affecting over 33 million people — continue to devastate and displace vulnerable communities. One in seven Pakistanis is now suffering from one of the worst climate disasters the country has ever witnessed.

Islamic Relief has launched a global funding appeal for the emergency and is aiming to support more than 200,000 people affected by the floods. We are responding in the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and have so far reached more than 20,000 people with tents, food, cash, hygiene kits and other vital aid.

Islamic Relief Canada (IRC) staff and fact-finding teams are currently on the ground in Pakistan visiting the affected areas, supporting these relief efforts and determining how best to support women, children and families that have lost everything.

The floods have killed at least 1,136 people so far, but the toll is expected to keep rising, and almost one million homes have been damaged or destroyed. With two million acres of crops ruined and 800,000 livestock killed, food is running out in many markets, and many families face destitution. The country’s economic losses are expected to amount to billions of dollars.

The situation is expected to worsen over the coming days. Further flooding, outbreaks of water-borne diseases, food shortages and massive infrastructural damage are all expected to further displace and endanger millions of people's lives.

Islamic Relief Canada’s CEO, Usama Khan, has just returned from Balochistan, Pakistan where he met with locals impacted by the flooding. He says:

“The damage caused by the flooding is catastrophic. It’s heartbreaking to see countless families lining up in hope that they can get some type of aid. I’ve spoken to families who have lost absolutely everything they owned – their homes are destroyed, their livestock is dead, and their crops are ruined. People are in desperate situations and are concerned about their survival, with many unsure how they will feed themselves and their children. While aid is starting to get through, much more is needed urgently.”

Islamic Relief Canada’s Director of Fundraising, Aysha Syed, is also currently on the ground in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She shares the following:

“Our Canadian team is on the ground assessing flood damages and assisting aid distribution efforts. I’m completely shocked by the devastation I’m witnessing and the destruction left in the flood’s wake. I’m seeing miles of nothing but water, where just a few days ago there were entire communities with people’s homes. People here have lost their businesses, their lands, and their ability to earn a livelihood and are now completely dependent on humanitarian aid and assistance.”

In response to the ongoing crisis, Islamic Relief Canada has launched an emergency appeal and calls on the international community to step up and respond to meet the ongoing and immediate needs of those afflicted by the disaster.

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