Islamic Relief Canada CEO Usama Khan Returns From Afghanistan As the Country Approaches 2nd Anniversary of Regime Change.

(Burlington, ON): It has now been two years since Afghanistan underwent leadership change, throwing the country into uncertainty and further compounding the pre-existing humanitarian crisis. 

CEO of Islamic Relief Canada, Usama Khan, reflects on his trip and what he heard directly from the people we serve on the ground as the people of Afghanistan attempt to rebuild their lives after two decades of conflict. Poverty, hunger and hopelessness have become a norm in Afghanistan, specifically with women, as they continue to face restrictions to work and obtain an education past grade 6. During his trip, Khan visited many Islamic Relief projects and spoke to several families and locals in Afghanistan about their experiences. 

"For more than two decades, Islamic Relief has stood alongside the resilient people of Afghanistan," says Khan. "With over 22 million people still facing food insecurity, the needs of the women and children only continue to grow dire. The reality of the situation is worse than you could imagine, and it seems as though the world has forgotten about our brothers and sisters here." 

Khan's visit comes only weeks after royal assent was given to Bill C-41, an act amending the Criminal Code to allow Canadian aid organizations to continue to provide vital humanitarian support to Afghanistan without the looming threat of criminal prosecution.

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