The best of people are those that bring the most benefit to the rest of mankind.
– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

What is Community Healing?

Islamic Relief Canada has created the Community Healing initiative as a way of introducing a variety of programs and campaigns for the purpose of assisting communities with the after effects of the pandemic. It is important that Muslims make a contribution by treating their neighbours with respect, love, and kindness.

Our teams throughout British Columbia are ready to answer the call to ensure that all organizations and vulnerable communities receive the support they need as we begin the new year. Please continue reading to learn about our initiatives.

Day of Dignity

Day of Dignity creates an opportunity for caring individuals from diverse communities to provide services to their neighbours in need. Through Day of Dignity, Islamic Relief Canada brings volunteers, partner organizations, supporters from around the province together to distribute food, clothing, warm blankets, medical care and other services. We will be partnering with our regional partners in BC to distribute the aforementioned needs.

The Day of Dignity mission is to promote volunteerism, build relationships, and encourage local organizations to have a transformative impact on their community.

Senior’s Wednesday

We will be checking up on the elderly in our communities to make sure they are staying safe and have someone to stay in touch with. Every Wednesday, our teams are matched with a senior who wants to gain a connection. If you would like to participate in this initiative, click here.

Speakers Series

We are inviting community advocates, scholars, and professionals to share their journey during the pandemic. Every week we will be releasing a 2 minute episode featuring various speakers, discussing what kept them strong and how they faced their challenges during the pandemic.

Become a Community Healer

Sign up to be a part of the change.


Organizations in the community have been affected in different ways by the decreased volunteer base – which is why Islamic Relief Canada teams from all over British Columbia are being sent to mosques, shelters and food banks to assist them with any logistical support they may need. You can be a healer and bring support where it’s needed most in your community.

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