Location & Dates of Program

Sarajevo and Tuzla, Bosnia
Trip 1: July 19 - 28

Fundraising Target

$3,500 CAD per volunteer

Registration Fee

$475 CAD non-refundable registration fee is required once accepted into the Inspire program 

Program Requirements

Must be 18 years or older
Must be a Canadian Citizen or Resident of Canada


Join us in Bosnia for an incredible life-changing experience! 

Bosnia offers a captivating blend of rich history and stunning natural beauty. Witness the resilience of a nation rebuilding itself. The 1992-1995 war transformed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite successful post-conflict rebuilding efforts, the economy has struggled to reach pre-war levels. Recognizing this, Islamic Relief has been actively involved since 1993, dedicating its efforts to supporting orphans through one-to-one sponsorships, education projects, and the distribution of school supplies and food.

In line with these efforts, the Inspire Volunteer Abroad Program aims to support children in Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing psychosocial support programming. This initiative aligns with our ongoing orphan support programs. Our volunteer initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer participants a unique opportunity to engage with local communities, contribute to sustainable development projects, and give the opportunity of Inspire programming to orphan children. 

By becoming part of the Inspire program, volunteers join a global community committed to fostering a brighter future for Bosnia, while also gaining an in-depth understanding of the nation's rich history, diverse culture, and the remarkable resilience of its people.

Since 2019, the Inspire Program has conducted seven field studies in Bosnia, organizing seven summer camps for orphans. 


Main Activities

Volunteers will be assisting in a summer camp affiliated with the ongoing orphans’ program, to facilitate learning and psychosocial programming. Psychosocial programming is crucial for orphans and vulnerable children as it provides a structured framework for emotional support and mental well-being, helping them navigate the challenges of loss, trauma, and instability.

By addressing psychological and social needs, such programming fosters resilience, emotional growth, and a sense of belonging, essential for their overall development and integration into society. 

This is carried out through a variety of activities:

  1. Team building activities and games.

  2. Educational activities to foster their creativity and develop 21st-century skills in a fun and engaging environment.

  3. Educational visits and excursions with students to explore the local community.

  4. Sports and Fun learning activities of various types and aims.

Volunteers will also pack and distribute food items and hygiene boxes to vulnerable families and gain an understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable communities.

Furthermore, volunteers will have the opportunity to:

  1. Visit local Islamic Relief projects in the area and interact with rights-holders to hear their stories.

  2. Participate in organized sightseeing activities, including visits to Baščaršija, War Tunnel Museum, and other historical landmarks.

  3. Visit Srebrenica and go to the Srebrenica Memorial.

Fundraising Process

All accepted applicants are required to raise a minimum of CAD 3,500 each one month prior to their departure date.  All the funds raised will support existing Islamic relief projects in Bosnia. We will provide each volunteer with a fundraising session that includes tips on how to fundraise, how to engage your network, etc. We will also set up an online fundraising page for each volunteer to raise funds for their project. 

Donations will be allocated towards the Inspire program components and contribute to ongoing, long-term projects in the region. None of the donations will go towards the personal costs of the volunteers.

Benefits of the Field Study

The Inspire program aims to provide volunteers with a unique and eye-opening experience, where they immerse themselves in a different context than they are accustomed to. This program encompasses the “give and take” principle; it is an opportunity to give back to vulnerable communities overseas while learning and growing skills in an enriching environment. After completing the program, letters of reference will be given to participants upon request. Participants will also be encouraged to continue volunteering with Islamic Relief Canada following the trip to continue their humanitarian efforts. 


Islamic Relief Canada will cover your stay in Bosnia, including your accommodation, transportation within the country, food, and scheduled sightseeing activities. Please note that flights are NOT covered, thus the volunteer is responsible for purchasing their flights to and from Bosnia, as well as purchasing mandatory health insurance. 

Pre-Departure Training

Once accepted into the program, volunteers are required to complete a combination of mandatory virtual and online training sessions. There will be about 3-4 sessions in total, with an average duration of 2 hours each. The training will cover fundraising tactics, team building, country profile, Islamic Relief's history, field safety and security, activity planning, humanitarian standards, and passion projects. The schedule will be released upon being accepted into the program. These training sessions are mandatory to attend.