can feed a malnourished child


can feed a family for a month


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can give urgent medical aid

The horrific conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen has reached unspeakable limits.

As coronavirus spreads, Yemen’s health system has completely collapsed and the country is on the verge of famine, with civilians paying a devastating price.

The conflict has killed more than an estimated 100,000 people and displaced millions of others.

With hospitals and schools damaged and water in very short supply, immediate action is needed.

Islamic Relief is on the ground responding to one of the worst humanitarian crises the region has faced, distributing food, hygiene supplies, and personal protective equipment to medical facilities.

Help provide urgent relief and save a life today.

Islamic Relief is on the ground right now.

  • We are supporting over 700 quarantined patients in hospitals with food, medical aid, and hygiene supplies, in partnership with UNICEF, World Food Programme, and UNFPA.
  • Distributing food, hygiene supplies, and personal protective equipment to 45 health facilities across Yemen.
  • Providing clean drinking water to 10,000 individuals in need.

Your support can help us reach even more people.

How we get help into Yemen

Islamic Relief is operating across the country, with more than 300 staff and 3,000 volunteers on the ground in Yemen, providing medical support and urgent food aid.

Our teams in Yemen work diligently to obtain supplies locally, especially in the face of skyrocketing food prices. They continuously work on making this aid available through distributions to those most in need. In conflict regions, Islamic Relief works with existing functioning banking systems to bring funds into the country.

In times of extreme famine and conflict, we prioritize water, food and health supplies to assist with life-saving relief efforts. 

We always procure supplies locally, regardless of whether or not the country is going through a conflict. In the case where the country does not have the supplies needed, we will procure it from neighbouring countries if we are able to bring the goods into the country. Otherwise, we will go for another supply that works in a similar manner.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in 17 of the country’s 22 governorates, providing medical support and urgent food aid. Please donate now and help us reach those who desperately await our care.

Crisis Summary

With the ongoing conflict in Yemen thousands of lives have been lost and millions left in turmoil in a country on the brink of famine. With recent attacks on ports disrupting the distribution of aid, further displacement is expected along the western coast and the crisis is intensifying.

Families and communities have been torn apart and left without even the most basic of living essentials:

  • Around two million people are displaced and living in dire conditions
  • Approximately 18 million people have been left food insecure
  • In 2017, the WHO and UNICEF classed the Cholera crisis in Yemen as the worst outbreak ever recorded

Just $100 can provide food and clean water to a family for a month.

*All donations to Yemen are Zakat eligible

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