Islamic Relief Launches its largest Annual Back to School Campaign to date

Providing around 2500 backpacks and essential supplies to Students Across Canada
28 août, 2023

Islamic Relief Canada, is launching its largest “Back to School” campaign to date across the country, ranging from The GTA, to the East Coast, the capital and beyond. 

As the school season fast approaches, many families across Canada struggle to keep up with the increasingly high costs of educational materials and school supplies, often choosing to go without basic necessities such as notebooks, and erasers. Newly welcomed refugees and newcomer families who begin resettlement in Canada are also eager to start anew and provide their children supportive and equitable opportunities within the education system as fast as possible. 

This year, the campaign continues to grow with an increased budget providing over 2500 children with backpacks across Canadian regions to ease the financial burden on families, and foster a sense of community for young newcomers and citizens alike. Last year, Islamic Relief Canada was able to provide over 1700 backpacks laden with resources. This year students will receive essential school items such as pencil cases, crayons, scissors, calendars, water bottles, notebooks, highlighters, glue sticks, pencils and pencil sharpeners, lined paper, rulers, calculators, and erasers.

Islamic Relief is dedicated to understanding and responding to the difficulties posed by continuously increasing cost of living, and emphasizing the importance and impact of early education on future dreams and goals for young students. By providing the necessary tools for dedicated young individuals to thrive in their academic settings, Islamic Relief hopes to accentuate the importance of education, and aid in the growing confidence and empowerment of students and their families across Canada.

Kulsum Pathan, Islamic Relief Canada’s Domestic Programs Coordinator is available for interviews this week. To arrange an interview or any other media request, please contact: Aisha Saleem, Communications Coordinator, at [email protected] or 647 668 7996.

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Islamic Relief Canada is a registered charity in Canada and a prominent Muslim NGO that works in more than 40 countries to provide humanitarian relief and build resilient, prosperous communities. Visit for more information. 


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