Zakat Catalogue

Catalogue of Zakat Eligible Products

Choose what your Zakat supports this Ramadan!

We know the blessed days of Ramadan are a preferred time to give your Zakat donation, and we want to ensure this is a transparent and trusted experience.

At Islamic Relief, we strive to ensure that your Zakat is not just a simple transaction but rather a means to uplift and transform. Islamic Relief identifies those well below Nisab, working with the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable. This includes orphan households, single female-headed households, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

This year, we wanted to give you the opportunity to pick a project closest to your heart and know with certainty that your Zakat is transforming lives!

Fulfilling your Islamic obligation is easy, and you can do it in these steps:

1. Choose your Mission

Pick a project to support that resonates with you.

2. Donate your Zakat

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3. Follow your Donation

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Your Zakat in Trusted Hands

We follow a scholar-verified Zakat Policy to ensure your Zakat reaches as many poor and needy people as possible to transform their lives!

What’s a scholar-verified policy? It’s our policy to ensure Islamic principles are adhered to every step of the way, from project design and community fundraising discussions to project implementation.

You can trust that each of the following projects has a zakat-eligible component, funding some of our most crucial work with people and communities living in disaster, poverty and conflict zones.

This way, you can pick a project closest to your heart and know with certainty that your donation is going directly to the most vulnerable communities.


In response to the ongoing conflict, poverty, and complex disaster in Afghanistan, we aim to reduce the poverty rates among vulnerable women through livelihood and education development opportunities.

Women are provided literacy, vocational and life-skill training, as well as community awareness sessions on the importance of education for girls.

By providing women in Herat and Nangarhar provinces with skills training, income generation tools and awareness of their right to education, your Zakat can support them to take ownership of their own lives.

Zakat Eligible Cost: $261,641

$30 can provide a kit and protective equipment
$400 can provide a woman the tools needed to generate income


In response to growing food insecurity exacerbated by the ongoing financial crisis, disasters, and rising cost of food globally, we aim to build resilience and food assistance to those in most need through food packs and vouchers.

We are specifically reaching women, children, the elderly and those in poverty living within the Bekaa area. This Zakat-eligible project will meet their immediate food needs and continue to provide access to essential food supplies throughout the year.

Your Zakat has the power to ensure no child sleeps hungry in this blessed month, that there is food on the table, and families do not fall further into poverty.

Zakat Eligible Cost: $261,641

$190 can provide  supplementary food supplies  for 6 months per household
 $380 can provide  supplementary food supplies  for 12 months per household


At Islamic Relief, we believe in empowering and protecting women so they can take ownership of their own lives, going from poverty to prosperity.

Women are most vulnerable when it comes to water collection, often undertaking long walks to far-off water sources in search of clean drinking water. They are alone, unprotected, and at risk of being targeted.

Our aim in Muzzaffarabad is to support women in water collection by installing water purification solutions and better access to clean water. Your Zakat protects them from risky routes and ensures safe drinking water for all!

Zakat Eligible Cost:  $122,138

 $570 can provide one rainwater harvesting structure
 $15,300  can provide one water filtration plant to a community per household


The people of Gaza are no stranger to devastation. Ongoing violence and restrictions have severely impacted access to food, water, and healthcare in the Gaza strip.

Your Zakat provides cash assistance to help a family purchase life-saving essentials, such as food, education, clean water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, health equipment and shelter.

These cash grants are being distributed to the most vulnerable households and community groups to support their needs. Grants also support micro-businesses, which are Zakat eligible components of our multi-sectoral recovery project. Your Zakat can continue to provide struggling households, neighbourhoods and communities the support they need to survive.

Zakat Eligible Cost:  $823,562.64

$450  can provide multi-purpose cash assistance for 1 month to a household
$2,745    can provide multi-purpose cash assistance for 6 months to a household


Years of conflict and instability mean that millions of people across Somalia face an uncertain future and are in need of humanitarian assistance.

We aim to improve the livelihood of vulnerable communities through a multi-sectoral response. The Zakat-eligible components of this project provide primary health care services through a health facility, providing essential medical supplies and drugs to those who need it most

Additionally, your Zakat can strengthen community-level resilience by providing income-generating start-up capital to women, which allows them to create their own dignified livelihoods!

Zakat Eligible Cost:   $228,915

$530  can provide one woman with income-generating start-up capital
$40,000    can provide an essential medicine supply for two years to one health centre


As Syria marks its 12th year of crisis and conflict, coupled with the devastation left in the wake of tragic earthquakes, we know now more than ever they need our help.

In Northern Syria, we aim to rehabilitate and support 15 schools, creating a safer learning environment for students. The Zakat-eligible component of this project will provide stipends to teachers, allowing them to continue providing high-quality education to kids in need.

Clean water is a necessity for a safe environment, and so we are installing solar panels to make water stations safe, sustainable, and accessible to all village members. Your Zakat can be the gift of clean water, sustaining generations to come!

Zakat Eligible Cost:   $1,064,556

$190  can cover a teachers stipend for one month
$3,270   can cover a teachers stipend for 1.5 years
$87,450   can cover the installation of solar panels onto a water station in one village


Everyone deserves the chance to make a dignified income, to provide for their families and loved ones in an honourable way. Our project in the Bit Alfaqeh district of Yemen does just that.

This Zakat-eligible project provides cash grants to the most vulnerable families as they undergo business skills and technical training. Each family receives mentorship, coaching, and advisory services as they develop their businesses, with the goal of creating sustainable incomes.

This is how your Zakat transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty, ensuring people are supported as they learn and develop themselves to create dignified livelihoods!

Zakat Eligible Cost:  $162,331

$400   can provide cash grants for 3 months to an entire household

Can’t Decide? Give Your Zakat Where it’s Most Needed!

We thank you for trusting us with your Zakat donation, we know your donation is an amanah and look forward to delivering it in the most trusted manner.

If you can’t decide where to donate your Zakat, we encourage you to simply give it where it’s most needed. By donating to our general Zakat fund, you’re funding our most crucial work and can be assured it will ensure a Ramadan of relief for countless.