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The Inspire volunteer abroad program is a unique opportunity that provides hands-on education to volunteers on the field and at home.  Over the past 4 years, we have taken 11 cohorts to 6 different countries to learn from our teams and right-holders on the ground. This program focuses on having volunteers raise donations and awareness, and serving their communities locally and globally. Each field study is 9 -12 days, and the program runs for 9 – 12 months from the application process to the passion project!

Passion Project

Each volunteer will be required to come back after the field study and do a passion project of their choice. This can be something as simple as hosting a dinner for friends to talk about your experience or writing a blog about the same. Volunteers may also plan and execute any community impact projects. Reach out to Inspire team for help!

Inspire is looking for participants that have the following criteria:

  • Over 18 Years old
  • Ability to attend orientation sessions and/or needed training;
  • Sincere interest and passion for helping others;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work as part of a team;
  • Intercultural awareness and excellent intercultural communication skills;
  • Ability to work with  youth and children
  • Formal or non-formal education or training relevant to the program
  • Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory (2 or 2+ doses)

1. Applications open
For each field study, our process begins with a detailed questionnaire to get to know you. Make sure to give it some thought and let us truly know what inspires you!

2. Interviews with our Team
Following the application process, we will shortlist applicants for the cohort. We would love to take everyone on the field study, unfortunately, due to limited slots we cannot. In the interview process, we will get to know each other and see if there is a fit!

3. Background check
Each volunteer shortlisted will be required to provide a background check, specifically a vulnerable sector check.

4. Selection
Once selected, volunteers will have to pay a registration fee of CAD 350 $ and submit the required documents!
After that, we’re ready to onboard and get all the volunteers ready to embark on this journey!

5. Pre-departure training
All the volunteers are required to attend mandatory bi-weekly training sessions. Each session will be 2-3 hours. There will be 6-8 sessions in total. The training will cover Fundraising, Team Building, Country Profile, IR History, Field Safety & Security, Activity Planning, Humanitarian Standards, and Passion Project.

6. Fundraising
Each volunteer is required to fundraise the requested amount for the humanitarian cause in relation to the country they are visiting. We will provide training and resources to help through the entire process.

7. Flights
Each participant is responsible to buy their own roundtrip ticket as well as any mandatory travel, health, and COVID insurance.

8. Field Study
The field study will be 9-12 days in total. Each country will bring a unique experience and opportunity to interact with our projects and rights-holders. Amongst many planned activities, we will be hosting camps for orphans, rehabilitating schools, distributing food and hygiene kits, facilitating workshops, etc.

The Inspire program will cover the costs of volunteers’ accommodation, transportation, food, and scheduled sightseeing activities.

Upcoming Field Studies

July 2nd – 12th &
July 16th – 24th

Puerto Rico
August 4th – 14th

August 20th – 28th

September 15th – 24th

South Africa
October 1st – 10th

Please note that travel dates are subject to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic and/or the situation in/around the respective country.

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