can provide an online tutoring session for a student


can feed a family in need for 3 months in Canada


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We firmly believe that charity starts at home. This is how real change takes root in the most impactful way.

Our efforts in Canada are focused on youth development, women empowerment, violence survivors, Indigenous communities, newcomer/refugee support, poverty reduction, healthcare and emergency humanitarian response.

Your support today means we can reduce poverty and support the most vulnerable here in Canada.

From coast to coast, let us join hands and meet the needs of our neighbourhoods.

Impact of our work

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Key Programs

We are dedicated to supporting grass-root non-profit and community service organizations. Our focus is to empower local efforts and build healthy communities within.

Currently we have two partnerships with local organizations:

Barakah Box

Barakah Box is a joint partnership with Mishka Social Services.

For three years, Islamic Relief Canada has supported the distribution of culturally sensitive food boxes for low-income refugee and newcomer families in Hamilton, Ontario.



BridgeTo Youth

Our most recent partnership is with BridgeTo Youth that promotes the education and social integration of vulnerable youth through free-tutoring, mentoring in an inclusive environment that will assist high school student’s transition to post secondary school.

What Kind of Projects do we do in Canada?

Locally, our projects are centred around the needs of Canadians through partnerships, campaigns and community initiatives:

IR Canada has assisted over 22,000 youth (aged 16-24) by working to improve the welfare of marginalized and economically disadvantaged youth through the promotion of education and mentorship, mental health and well-being, and protection services for at risk youth.

We believe that by empowering our youth through skills development and education we are preparing them for a brighter future.

Whether it is through welcome packages, monthly food support or English tutoring programs, we have supported over 94,000 Refugees and Newcomers by improving access to basic necessities, economic opportunities and education.

Our projects have supported over 14,480 vulnerable women and victims of violence by improving access to safe and inclusive drop-in centers, transitional homes and also, raising awareness through a culturally sensitive approach to prevent domestic and gender-based violence.

We have supported over 45,000 vulnerable and precariously living people to alleviate the effects of poverty by improving access to nutritious food through hot meal services, food boxes and basic hygiene kits.

We are dedicated to building relationships with our First Nations and indigenous communities. We have supported the needs of 12,000 indigenous children and adults by reducing the barriers to employment, accessing maternal health and well-being programs, supporting mentorship of young Indigenous girls through arts and leadership and participating in a national shoe-box campaign empowering young Indigenous children.

We are always ready to answer the call. We have supported 29,722 people through emergency response interventions during the Alberta and British Columbia Wildfires, Quebec floods, assisting the families of the Quebec Mosque shooting and St James Fire.

In 2019, we partnered with Canadian Red Cross to support the training of our dedicated volunteers and respond with CRC when a natural disaster happens.

In partnership with SickKids, supporting the training of five specialty paediatric fellows to build a healthier future for Palestinian children and supporting the Ibn Sina Scholar in Global Health at Sick Kids to facillitate expert studies and improved policies that impact disadvantaged children and families around the world.

Follow Your Donation at Home

How do we implement our projects in Canada?

Building our country up through service and positive contribution.

We have supported our communities here at home with initiatives such as IRC’s toy box aimed to provide culturally sensitive books and toys to marginalized and disadvantaged children, increasing access to food through food banks and sandwich runs for the homeless, assisting with community iftaars and distributing food boxes to low-income.

Every year, we give warmth at home by assembling and distributing winter kits and hot meals during the coldest months to the homeless in shelters and living on the streets across Canada.

Last year, our team planted over 100 trees in the Wood Buffalo Region with the help of Islamic Relief Volunteers to help protect and restore the environment after the Fort McMurray Wildfires.

This year, we are committed to doing our part through community and park clean ups, awareness and education on climate protection and restoring our environment.

To honour the legacy of those we lost, we are committed to supporting the widows and orphans of the Quebec Mosque shooting through monthly support to improve the lives of the families and build a better future for their children.

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