Remembering the Quebec Mosque Shooting

3 years later, the widows and orphans of the Quebec City mosque shooting need your support. 

These six women continue to live the real life consequences of hate and violence, as they became single mothers and the sole breadwinner of their families on that tragic night.

To honour the legacy of those we lost, we are committed to providing sustainable monthly financial support so that these mothers can build a better future for their children. 

100% of all donations will go directly to the families and are Zakat-eligible.



“Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (his index and middle fingers held close together).” – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


What happened and who needs support?

On January 29, 2017, a tragic mass shooting was perpetrated in a mosque in Quebec City, which took the lives of six innocent worshippers and injured 19 others.

These six men that were killed were between the ages of 39 and 60, and had come to Canada in search of a better life for their families. In a horrific turn of events, they each left behind a wife and children, who became single mothers and the sole breadwinner of their families overnight.

As we all grieve this horrific attack and commemorate their bravery and loss, we ask you to consider the women and children who continue to live the real life consequences of this hate and violence.

We stand together with their families and shoulder their burden as one.

100% of all donations will go directly to support the needs of these six widows as they raise their orphaned children and youth. Any amount that you can give monthly will be pooled together and distributed equitably between each family to provide for every child. The orphans who are eligible to receive assistance are between the age of 2 – 18 years old, and all are established as not being able to provide for themselves. 

In the time to come after the shooting, donations were collected and gratefully received. The families immediately put these amounts towards their housing needs and living expenses. However, without long-term support, the one time donations could only help so much.

Today, 3 years later, the families are doing their best to build a better life for their children with dignity. While they have asked for their privacy, we can confirm that they are in need of financial assistance for their children, as the compensation they receive is minimal.

Out of respect for the privacy of these mothers and children, we will not be providing any individual profiles or reporting on the orphans who are being supported. Instead, we will send out general reporting on the impact of your donations and maintain transparency without identifying the names or photos of our beneficiaries.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity, in honouring those who have fallen, their families and legacies.

Islamic Relief Canada joins the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) in their Green Square Campaign to remember the victims and survivors of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Alongside our campaign for monthly financial support for the families of the victims, NCCM will be working with the families of the victims and survivors to facilitate access to services that they are eligible for, and provide any legal assistance.