Don’t Let Them Freeze

This winter, so many in Canada and around the world are suffering from the freezing temperatures.

Without proper protection, vulnerable people face serious threats to their survival. 

You can help them endure the cold with dignity, by providing warm clothing and basic necessities.

Share your warmth and help save a life today.


Around the World

This harsh winter, Islamic Relief Canada works to provide warmth and dignity to those in need, both in Canada and around the world. Regardless of gender, race or religion, we are here to give immediate supplies for those in need.


As the temperatures continue to plunge dangerously, our efforts will be focused this year in 5 cities:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Quebec City

Winter survival kits are being distributed to the homeless, those without proper protection or shelter, and those in need. They include warm clothing, non-perishable foods and hygiene necessities.


Internationally, Islamic Relief Canada is working this year to provide warmth and dignity in countries like Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Albania, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Kosovo.

These efforts serve orphans, single mothers, refugees and poor families. Our life-saving kits carry protection items including warm blankets and bedding, insulation materials, warm clothing, fuel and/or stoves.

With just one donation, you can share your warmth with someone today.